Hindsight is more than 20-20

Most companies concentrate innovation management efforts on their development pipeline, funnel or stage-gate processes. These resource management mechanisms operate within, and are shaped by, the innovating system of which they are a part. They are necessary processes, but not sufficient for effective management. A systems view is also needed. As a result of learning from hindsight with our clients, we are now successfully applying systems principles to innovating practice.

Increasingly our clients engage us in an inventory and simulation-enhanced assessment of their innovating systems. After-action reviews provide viable, rich and cost-effective windows into the health of a company’s innovating system.

For 15 years veteran innovators, primarily from STEM-based companies, have shared their experiences with each other, and we have developed a body of knowledge rich with innovation management principles and practices. Our Mavericks Roundtables (topic-specific gatherings), Innovation Practitioners Network (a network producing practical methods), and most recently the Innovating Systems Management Program (a sponsor-based community of practice) are all opportunities to consider, if you are interested in avoiding the waste of re-learning and repeating past mistakes.


“Lanny contributed immensely to our efforts in holding the innovation workshops, encouraging the participants to come out with inventive ideas and generating subsequent invention disclosures. Many of the invention disclosures generated from our company now come from these innovation workshops.”

—Patent Attorney, Chartered Semiconductor