Prisoners of Hope

Prisoners of Hope opens a unique window into the minds and hearts of engineers, revealing two characteristics that every successful innovator must have—faith and hope.

Steering clear of spiritual clichés, Prisoners of Hope provides practical insights and fresh accounts of innovators doing what they do best.

Lanny Vincent writes his book from his thirty years’ experience as facilitator, coach, and “midwife” of corporate innovating. He draws useful parallels between two seemingly different worlds of science and faith. Prior to working with companies like Hewlett-Packard, Sony Electronics, British Telecom, Rockwell, Weyerhaeuser or Whirlpool, Lanny was an ordained Presbyterian minister. From his early experiences within the research and development department of the company, Kimberly-Clark, the author saw familiar patterns among innovating scientists and engineers—faith patterns studied in a completely different context years before.

Prisoners of Hope is filled with firsthand accounts of what really happens in the messy, serendipitous process of innovation, and how engineers use faith as their “silent partner.” Richly woven with the threads of current experience and ancient wisdom, Prisoners makes explicit what innovators do naturally to bring their vision to the marketplace—done largely on the wings of faith and hope. The author’s reinterpretations of biblical stories such as David and Goliath, Moses’ burning bush, and Abraham’s aborted sacrifice of Isaac, will help you see the mysteries of faith in action.

This book is an inspiring description of how innovators use these patterns to get the lift they need for innovating, and a practical play on the power and potential of faith.

Find out how innovators get lift. You will get it too.


What People Are Saying

“Prisoners of Hope adds to my vocabulary and will give a “lift” to the innovators who may need a supportive frame…. A compelling case and creative analogy of connecting biblical stories with innovation.”
“Great read. I have never before approached innovation from such a philosophical perspective, but I think that Prisoners of Hope has hit the nail on the head. Serial innovators are driven by a faith that I have never been able to articulate…but Prisoners of Hope has. Well done.”
“Bottom line: Excellent book. I found it compelling, effective and very entertaining. Prisoners of Hope’s unique approach to storytelling using biblical parables applied to the context of innovation processes is an engaging means of highlighting and explaining how innovators perform in the manner they do. I do not recall any other treatment of innovation that is as distinct and effective as this….. One can only hope that not only inventors, but their managers and their colleagues, will read it and learn from it.”

 “A fascinating read. Lanny Vincent is a prophet of innovation. With easily understood parables that are actual examples, he illustrates the parameters of innovating starting with the creation and nurture of innovators through the failure and success of ideas to the processes required for the end products of innovation which are profitably marketed products.”

 “A true picture of the internal workings of innovators and how they navigate. Prisoners of Hope holds true for me as a successful innovator. Lanny’s words paint a spiritual mix starting with the quest to build, the nature of human psychology, the sociology of organizations and the philosophy of change.”

“It is a rare to encounter the wisdom of the ages combined with practical avenues for traversing the complex landscape of innovating. Author Lanny Vincent accomplishes this in Prisoners of Hope by providing fresh looks at just what constitutes viable, non-traditional faith. He links that necessary, inner-motivating spark to timelessly valid archetypes, all grounded in Biblical parables with real-life contemporary corporate and personal challenges. Nowhere else will one discover a book that blends depth psychology, spiritual vitality and explicit action. Prisoners does so without emotional or intellectual clutter. It is clearly written, accessible and life-enlarging.”

 “This unique and insightful text while ‘written for the innovating engineer’ offers valuable insight and wisdom for anyone associated with innovating. Lanny Vincent has created a timeless collection of ideas through his perspectives across religion, science, technology and business….reminding us that innovation is not what we do but rather who we are, a concept all too often lost in the corporate setting.”


 “While Prisoners of Hope focuses on innovation, it applies generally to human creativity…which is inexorably an expression of faith. Reason, logic, and pure objectivity, while essential for understanding the world, are insufficient to make something truly new. Innovation requires faith…. The ability and willingness to allow one’s self to be ordered to a higher purpose has an incredible releasing effect.”

“Great work. The big take-away is the general theme that faith [of innovators] is not coerced or done through obligation. Innovators are not obligated to their craft but are driven by the belief and faith that new is possible.”

 “Innovators exist naturally and the problem is business environments that stifle innovation as Prisoners of Hope points out. This book is a reality check for younger innovators.”