The Practice

Innovating is more than a process

For three decades, Vincent & Associates, Ltd. has been helping clients get the most out of their innovating efforts. Uniquely, we view our clients’ innovating processes as part of their company’s innovating system. To manage those processes effectively clients must have insight into their whole innovating system.

The majority of our consulting assignments each year come from clients who have used our services repeatedly over the years, some for decades. The value we bring shows up in three primary areas: foresight, invention and hindsight. Clients use our innovation management services when they are looking for:

  • complete and compelling targets for their innovators (foresight),
  • batches of strategic inventions to strengthen their patent portfolios (invention),
  • leverage points to improve innovating system performance (hindsight).

Over the past 33 years, we have come to believe corporate innovating requires sensitive, challenging and creative conversations between diverse, knowledgeable voices. We design and facilitate these kinds of dialogues because we believe the essence of innovating is learning applied to creating value, which happens in sequenced conversations. 


Foresight    Invention    Hindsight


“I gained insights into a few other companies and what innovation challenges they faced and how they handled them; made connections with individuals in other companies; and got intangible enrichment of my knowledge and experience base from the rich discussions from those in the Network.”

—Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Company