Innovating Perspectives

1993 Newsletters

Oct. 1993- Vol. 1, No. 3
- Strategic Drift (by Stephen Hata)
- Just-in-Time Innovation (by Lanny Vincent)

Sept. 1993 - Vol. 1, No. 2
- Striking Common Chords for Team Work (by Lanny Vincent)
- Hearing Tomorrow's Customers Today (by Lew Orchard, L.P. Orchard & Co.)

May 1993 - Vol. 1, No. 1
- Out of the Box Thinking (by Lanny Vincent, Vincent & Associates)
- Befriending Change (by Lanny Vincent)

Newsletter Articles Listed by Practice Areas

Opportunity Foresight:

November 2001 Don’t Just Assess, Project! (by John Raley)
April 2001 Paving The Road With Good Inventions (by Jane Gannon)
September 1999 Entrepreneurial Vocation (by Lanny Vincent)
November 1998 The Quiet Alternative (by Lanny Vincent)
June 1998 Look Out for Strategic Innovation (by Lanny Vincent and Jane Gannon)
June 1997 Planning for the Future (by Lanny Vincent)
March 1994 Belief-Based Planning (by Lanny Vincent)

Market Discovery:

June 2003 The Collecting Habit and Innovation (by Lanny Vincent)
September 2002 Obey the Signs, but Read them First (by John Raley)
April 2001 Break on Through to the Other Side (by Lanny Vincent)
April 2000 Exercising Patience (by Lanny Vincent)
June 1999 Exploring the Rough (by Lanny Vincent)
November 1997 How to Tell Fads from Trends (by Marty Letscher)
April 1997 Strategies for Discovering Innovation Opportunities (by Lanny Vincent)
January 1997 The Twins of Innovation: Discovery and Invention (by Lanny Vincent)
November 1996 Learning with Customers Creates Loyalty (by Jane Gannon)
June 1996 Feel the Temperature of Change (by Lanny Vincent)
March 1996 "Insight-full" Approaches to Qualitative Research (by Marty Letscher)
October 1995 The Fuzzy Front End of New Product Development (by Lanny Vincent)
August 1994 Research Opportunity (by Lanny Vincent)
March 1994 Finding Tomorrow's Forerunners Today (by W.E.)
October 1993 Just-in-Time Innovation (by Lanny Vincent)
September 1993 Hearing Tomorrow's Customers Today (by Lew Orchard)
May 1993 Befriending Change (by Lanny Vincent)

Strategic Invention:

June 2003 The Inventor's "Junk Pile" (by Lee Murrah)
June 2002 Where the Intangible Meets the Tangible (by Lanny Vincent)
June 2001 Aimed Invention (by Lanny Vincent)
March 1999 Strategic Patenting (by Lanny Vincent)
September 1997 Capital Ideas (by Lanny Vincent)
April 1997 Eight Characteristics of the Ideal Patent (by Lee Murrah)
August 1995 Claiming Space on a New Frontier (by Jane Gannon)

Innovation Management (in general):

April 2003 Modes of Translation (by Lanny Vincent)
April 2003 Revisiting the "Core" (by Lanny Vincent)
January 2003 Lessons Learned (by Lanny Vincent)
November 2002 Busy-ness Kill Business (by Lanny Vincent)
November 2002 New is Necessary, But Not Sufficient (by Lanny Vincent)
September 2002 The Ups and Downs of Innovation (by Lanny Vincent)
June 2002 Dangerous Dichotomies (by Lanny Vincent)
March 2002 Darwinian Innovation (by Lanny Vincent)
November 2001 Getting Beyond the Jargon (by Lanny Vincent)
June 2001 Confessions from a Brainstorming Junkie - (Sandie Glass)
January 2001 Child-like Innovations (by Lanny Vincent)
November 2000 The Courage to Grow (by Jim Ferry)
November 2000 Tapping the Potential of Large Meetings (by Jeffrey A. Govendo)
September 2000 Everyday Innovation - (by Ned Preble and Rich Gabriel)
September 2000 Searching for Attitude (by Lanny Vincent)
June 2000 The Best of Innovating Perspectives
April 2000 How's Your Bandwidth These Days? (by Barry Breede)
June 1999 Building Brands in a Digital World (by John Bevan)
March 1999 What Rhymes with the Bottom Line (by Jim Armstrong)
September 1998 Matching Managers with Business Conditions (by Peter Larson)
June 1998 Searching for Leaders (by Thomas H. Crowe)
April 1998 Improvement Prophets and Innovation Heretics (by Lanny Vincent)
April 1998 Non-Arithmetic Innovation (by Peter Larson)
January 1998 Shared Knowledge Creates Advantage (by Lanny Vincent)
November 1997 Converting Ideas into Innovations (by John Philipp)
September 1997 Asking Questions (by Lew Orchard)
June 1997 Innovation from the Inside (by Jane Gannon)
November 1996 The Chemistry of Teamwork (by Lanny Vincent)
September 1996 Finding Value Among the New (by Lanny Vincent)
September 1996 Change and Transition in the '90s (by Gary Purece)
June 1996 A Step Toward the Learning Organization (by Jane Gannon)
January 1996 The Leadership of Change (by Clifford Ehrlich)
August 1995 Worth the Wait? (by Lanny Vincent)
May 1995 Matching R&D to Business Conditions (by Jane Gannon)
May 1995 Finding Value in Disappointment (by Lanny Vincent)
March 1995 Consensus Building (by Lanny Vincent)
October 1994 Innovation Management: Then and Now (by Jane Gannon)
October 1994 The Value of Using Unrelated Experts in Problem Solving (by Jon Prince)
October 1993 Strategic Drift (by Stephen Hata)
September 1993 Striking Common Chords for Team Work (by Lanny Vincent)
May 1993 Out-of-the-Box Thinking (by Lanny Vincent)

Mavericks and Innovation Practitioners:

March 2002 Mavericks Without Borders (by Jana Wolf Sussman)
March 2002 The Maverick as a Chameleon (by John Raley)
September 2001 The Free Range (by Lanny Vincent, Bill Wilson and Dick Cheverton)
September 2001 Calling All Mavericks
November 1999 The Maverick Way (by Lanny Vincent)
November 1999 A Meeting of the Minds (by Jane Gannon)
September 1999 Hunting for Bears with a Maverick (by John Raley)
November 1998 The Free Range: A Well-Spring for Corporate Renewal (by Jane Gannon)
September 1998 Maverick: More than Just a Word (by Dick Cheverton)


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