The Practitioner Network

The study of innovation management practices in established companies has led to the enunciation of process tools that are well known and documented. These process tools are necessary but not sufficient to create and sustain a reliable stream of innovations. Many of our clients rely upon a network of innovation practitioners, which extends within and outside the company. These company-specific networks amount to a "soft system" that enables the nurture, development and successful integration of innovations, which may otherwise be rejected by the host organization.

These soft systems are comprised of an implicit, informal network of sponsors, mavericks or champions and innovation “midwives,” who act both as translators between the language of the established business and the language of the innovation. These networks use specific practices to resolve fundamental challenges encountered in the nurture, development and integration of innovations.

We offer client companies the opportunity to invest in the health and development of their company's innovation practitioner networks. With an annual subscription, participating non-competitive companies benefit from taking part in two inter-company gatherings each year, along with in-house workshop(s) customized to the specific needs, challenges and contexts of the subscribing company. These workshops are conducted onsite with selected members of the company's own innovation practitioner network.

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“Lanny contributed immensely to our efforts in holding the innovation workshops, encouraging the participants to come out with inventive ideas and generating subsequent invention disclosures. Many of the invention disclosures generated from our company now come from these innovation workshops.”

—Patent Attorney, Chartered Semiconductor